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Glen Winn and daughter-in-law Anna Winn. Anna, a Deputy District Attorney for San Diego, spoke about Fraud Targeting Seniors.  Basically, she let us know about the devious and crafty ways crooks try to scam us - Great presentation!  Also notice the photo - Anna's father-in-law (Glen), son (Marty), and husband (Scott) were all in the Kiwanis Christmas Parade on Dec. 2, 2018.

Anna Winn - Fraud That Targets Seniors  

Report on San Marcos Kiwanis Christmas Parade  

      Fellow Kiwanians (34 attendance) - Good speakers draw larger than average crowds.  Such was the case for today's speaker, Anna Winn, Deputy District Attorney for San Diego County - in charge of economic crimes (fraud).  Her topic was "Fraud Targeting Seniors".  Anna is a 25 year veteran attorney who loves her specialty.  "If they're gonna try to steal your money, they're gonna hear from me," she said.  Anna is the daughter-in-law of Glen and Rosemarie Winn.  Anna and husband, Scott, are also parents of three.

      Here are the highlights of her very informative and helpful presentation:

 E-Mail Scams - There are many out there - watch out for e-mails using ALL CAPS or partial credit card numbers.  If a bank or the IRS wants to get ahold of you they will not be using e-mail.  Be skeptical of "urgent" requests using partial or deceitful logos asking you to send your identification, credit, or banking information. They are phishing to scam you.

ATM Scams - Crooks create and illegally install ATM skimming devices to common ATM machines (such as at gas stations and even some bank outlets) - These devices video the transaction and capture your banking and credit information over the top of the official ATM machinery.  Avoid using ATM cards at gas pumps as skimmers are often placed in gas pumps to capture your account information. It is best to pay cash at gas stations or use credit card, not your ATM card, if you are paying at the pump.

Making Fake Cards and Identification -  These crooks are very devious - they can make fake checks, make false credit cards (using a white card printer), make fake driver's licenses, open fake accounts in your name for their benefit, get bank loans in your name that you don't know about, tap into your tax returns, get I-phones and activate them in your name, even get a job using your social security number.  Use debit or cash cards only to get actual cash.

Grandparent Scams -  A common scam is an e-mail or phone request to an elderly person with a plea from someone who claims to be a grandchild or loved one who needs funds wired urgently to help them get out of a predicament far away.  Our guest Sarah Benson said this happened to her parents, but fortunately the bank teller alerted them before the wire transfer was completed.

Devious People work the Leading Edge of Technology to Deceive People - Such fraud is more wide spread and common than many realize. Way too much personal information about you can be bought on the dark web.  "It can be demoralizing and very hard to grasp, but when it happens to you or someone close to you it hits you hard," said Anna. "It is common that crooks like this have many weapons to harm you in their arsenals.  Banks will work with you, if you let them know the moment you suspect a scam.  The best way to fight them is through being aware of their wiles and not be caught napping."   Thank you - Anna for being on our side in this battle.   Come back to visit us when you can - you are a true crime fighter.  - contact Anna at

Kiwanis San Marcos Holiday Parade - Dec 2, 2018 - around 1,000 people were in the parade.  Our speaker today, Anna Winn, was there watching her son Marty (as Robin) and her husband Scott (as Batman) 

(see photo above) - Anna's father-in-law Kiwanian Glen Winn was in his usual "Captain Book" attire helping 

hand out from 2,500 - 3,000 free books to kids along the route.

    San Marcos Kiwanis Christmas Parade Involves nearly 1,000

        Cast of 1,000 marches in the 23rd Annual San Marcos Christmas Parade - For the 23rd season, people on Mission Street from Palomar College to the Civic Center saw one very special locally-driven holiday parade.  "There were just short of 1,000 participants," said lead organizer Carrie Clevers.  People by category:  211 children,  530 teens,  250 adults,  (horses not included).  There were three bands: San Marcos High Knights (250 strong) is the largest band in our county; Mission Hills High band, and the UCR Pipe Band from Riverside.  There were several floats and many specially decked out cars. The theme was "A Super Hero Holiday." Our own Lt Gov. Jim Dorschel and his wife Penny (with their granddaughter Eleanor) road on a special car. Trophies were presented by President Alden to all the winners in several categories.  Once again, Glen Winn played Captain Book who, working with Darwin Bustardi and several Key Clubbers passed out between 2,500 to 3,000 books for free (funds were obtained from two grants). 

        The following Kiwanians actively contributed to make the parade a success: Clevers, Alden (Jim & Linda), Dove, Mason, Haugen, Bustarde, Dutton, Acosta, Gillis, Edwards, Murphy, Lee, Trageser, Vollbrecht, Winn, Stevens. Our speaker today, Anna Winn had three from her family in the parade, the Batman duo of her husband and son won the Mayor's trophy (see photo) "I have seen several of these parades and I think this year's was one of the best ever," she said.  Lt. Gov. Dorschel sent similar kudos to President Alden. This is just another new way that Lake San Marcos Kiwanis serves the people of the community.  (President Alden said a reflection meeting on the parade will be scheduled in the coming weeks). Way to go all! 



        Marine Christmas Party for First ANGLICO families - Marine families are often far from home at Christmas, that is why Lake San Marcos puts on a special Christmas party for them every December.  This year's party will be great fun just as it is every year - Santa, great food, presents for the kids and plenty of family fellowship awaits all who attend.  Friday December 14 @ 5:30 on base (If you want to go, contact Ivan Gillis). Donations gladly accepted to help Santa reach Marine kids and their families.  

New Faces -  Two new faces were seen at today's meeting: 

Sarah Benson - Executive Director for Senior Well Being Foundation of San Marcos (came to hear the speaker) 

 Shirley Holte - newsletter editor for Las Brisas Pacific Community - wanted to report on the topic.   Welcome both of you - come back often. 

 Longtime Kiwanian Elizabeth Burmeister made Honorary Member - President Alden presented Elizabeth Burmeister of Carlsbad with a special "Honorary Member" status from our club.  (When told of the award, she said "At first I thought you were saying "Ornery" member). Elizabeth had been with our club for since 2012, her late husband George was a Kiwanian for a whopping 62 years.   You are welcome anytime Elizabeth. 

 President Alden announced that recently elected SD Co. Supervisor, Jim Desmond (outgoing San Marcos Mayor) will become an honorary member of our club - Jim has a long history of connection to Kiwanis .... Welcome Jim.

      Silent Auction solicitations can begin now - George Dove reminded us that solicitating silent auction donations for the pancake breakfast can begin now.  "I will be getting out a list of businesses and more information soon, but you can begin solicitations of those businesses you contacted last year," he said.  The Silent Auction was a big hit last year bringing in around $6000 dollars from 200 items.

        International Outreach Committee (Mason, Alden, Dove, Kumura, Dutton) is developing a proposal to sponsor two international children (through World Vision and Compassion International) next year.  The committee will present their proposal at the December board meeting.  Kiwanis serves the children of the world


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